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Chair in “Innovation and Technological Quality”.

Project Description


Chair in Innovation and Technological Quality

Research line:

Transversal project

Brief description:

This is the first Chair coordinated from Teruel. It emerged from our collaboration with two groups: “Aragonese group of research in mental health and primary attention”, and “Research group on mental health and Network for prevention and promotion of health in primary attention” (Grupo de Investigación en Salud mental de la Red de Investigación en Actividades de prevención y Promoción de la Salud en Atención Primaria (RedIAPP – Instituto de Salud Carlos III)”

The main activities of the Chair are related with Quality of life/health, paying attention specially to the field of neuroscience. This has allowed us to link this topic with the development of activities related to our other two areas of work of EduQTech: business quality and quality in education.

The Chair is funded by the companies Adalia Farma and Innova Salud, whose offices are in Madrid and Zaragoza respectively.


Director: Inmaculada Plaza García – EUPT.

Heads of area:

  • Quality of life/health: Javier García Campayo – Faculty of Medicine, Zaragoza.
  • Business Quality: María Ángeles Rubio Pastor – Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Teruel.
  • Quality in Education: Francisco Ibáñez Álvarez – School of Engineering and Architecture, Zaragoza.


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