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Project Description


TerBraille- Device to teach and learn Braille

Research line::

Quality in Education, Quality of life/health

Brief description:

This project, started in 2007, is an example of a research study, development and technology transfer. The collaborators are:

  • Members of the EduQTech group.
  • Experts on supporting blind or visually impaired children, who work in schools all around the province.
  • Centre for teachers and resources, Teruel (Centro de Profesores y Recursos, CPR).

The project started from the needs and requirements of two professionals who work with children with visual impairment in Teruel (Lucía Azara and Inés Benedicto). In particular, they proposed us to develop devices to facilitate teaching and learning characters in Braille for children with visual difficulties, filling a significant gap in this field.

While the main user would be blind children or children with visual difficulties, its use can be extended to other children that do not have these impairments, as a tool to bring Braille code to the classrooms. In addition, it can be a useful tool for teenagers and adults who lose vision, especially in the early stages of adaptation and learning.

In the past years, several improved versions have been built, with the collaboration of Nuria Tregón and the help of Oscar Díaz and David Murciano.

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